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Acoustic Wood Ceilings by Woodtrends

Wood ceiling panels by WoodTrends are available in six distinctive styles either reflective ( solid ) or absorptive executions. Absorption is achieved by the use of round or elongated slotted perforations. Numerous species of wood veneers are available to complement your decor. WoodTrends wood veneered ceiling panels are easily installed using a medium duty 15/16" T-grid system. WoodTrends ceiling and wood ceiling wall systems show the beauty of real wood with the added benefit of acoustic performance. Our panels and planks are available for wood ceiling and wall applications and utilize standard industry mounting components. When you want to make a dramatic statement with your design, Choose WoodTrends.

Woodtrends Acoustical Wall Panels

WoodTrends wall panels and wood ceilings are available as veneered wall systems that will enhance any decor as well as acoustically soften your space.

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All our Wood Panels and Walls come in a extensive collection of different veneers and perforation patterns. Please contact us at (800) 569-1294 or woodtrends@soundseal.com